Fill the Food Pantry

Did you know that 35% of North Dakotans who turn to food pantries must choose between paying for food or housing? No one should have to choose between food or housing.

That is why the St. Joseph’s Food Pantry operates year-round, and the demand is consistently increasing, especially since the COVID pandemic. We have three main fundraising focuses each year to help Fill the Food Pantry, and we need your help now more than ever to keep families fed throughout the year. Why donate cash?

March to Fight Hunger Campaign

March 1st – 31st

St. Joseph’s has partnered with Minnesota FoodShare in their campaign to help raise the funds for the food pantry. Donations for this event are accepted throughout the month of March, which is typically a more difficult time of year to keep the pantry stocked.


Free Summer Meal Program

June – Mid-August

The Summer Lunch program serves an average of 5,000 meals per week, both breakfast and lunch, to anyone under the age of 18. These meals are served on weekdays in several parks throughout the community, and are nutritious, well-rounded, and free of charge.


Empty Bowls Fundraiser

November 1st – 30th

Every November since 2005, our Empty Bowls fundraiser has raised awareness and funds to fight hunger in Grand Forks. This month-long community fundraiser benefits St. Joseph’s Food Pantry and Free Summer Lunch Program for children and families in the community – both of which are part of a significantly growing demographic in this area.



Annual Empty Bowls Fundraiser

The Gate City Bank Empty Bowls event is possible thanks to our many generous sponsors who are invested in feeding our community.

While the event may look different than years past, it remains one of the most crucial fundraisers for our organization. Help us reach our goals and donate today!

WHEN: November 1 – 30

WHERE: Online

DONATE VIA MAIL: 620 8th Ave S, Grand Forks, ND 58201


Suggested Donation Amounts


Pantry Basics


Fresh Produce


Hygiene Supplies


Complete Meals


Feed a Family


Fill a Pantry Shelf


Why donate cash?

By donating cash, you improve the health of your community. Money can be used to buy the exact supplies needed at any given moment.

1. Food Donations Are Too Random

Food donations can leave us with too much or too little of certain items. With cash, we can buy exactly what is needed, when it is needed.

2. Monetary Donations Provide Fresh Food

Canned food is the most donated staple, but it only makes up a small part of a nutritious meal. Cash donations supplement healthy diets with fresh produce, meat, dairy, and bread.

3. Giving Cash is Easier

No need to spend time buying items, packing your pantry, or transporting donation boxes – you can give online anytime, quickly, and easily.

4. Cash Donations Reduce Overhead Costs

Physical donations incur more costs because we must use resources like employees, electricity, refrigeration, and storage to keep donations secure. With cash, we can give directly to those in need.

5. We Can Buy More Food for Less Money

We buy food at a wholesale price, which is even lower than anyone can get on sale. With cash donations, your money is stretching further and feeding more people.

Your $10 Purchase

Our Food Shelf’s $10 Purchase


Buy and receive food in bulk quantities at a discounted cost to supply to local food pantries.


Organizations and individuals who raise capital or goods to support local food pantries.


A local food source that provides free food to those who struggle with hunger.


One out of fourteen people in North Dakota – neighbors, friends, co-workers, or family members.